Namaste and Welcome!

We are here to help parents raise their kids in a way that they get the love they deserve for who they are rather than for what society or family wants them to become.

Every kid is divine and special, they all are gifted with unique qualities that are exclusively made available by the universe for them but it needs a good mindset and proper knowledge to find their true gifts and talents.

So we are here to join hand with all the conscious and aware people who not only want to help the kids but also want to bring a paradigm shift in our society that is still holding onto the old limiting beliefs that are actually delaying the next step in the evolution of human collective thought system.


Impact of Childhood on Mindsetsspecial skills development in kids

Every person is a result of the type of childhood they get. Our psychology highly depends on what kind of thoughts, ideologies, and beliefs were passed down to us by the society in which we were brought up.

A kid always has some specific people in their lives who have greatly affected them emotionally that their whole future depends on this particular thing.

We cannot always predict who are these certain individuals in anybody’s life without using some therapeutic process but when it comes to kids we can definitely decide the type of believes we want them to develop by taking the responsibility to provide them the best environment possible.


Authority Figures

As we have talked about in the above paragraph the certain personalities who can highly influence the mindsets of these kids can also be chosen by whoever is willing to help any kid in order to build a positive mindset for them so that their adult life can be happy, beautiful and abundant.

No matter if you are the parent of the kid, a family member, mentor, teacher etc. You can always become that particular person in their life who can impact their psychology as we have been talking about in this post, such people are also referred as the “Authority figures”.

An authority figure is a person who becomes the ideal personality for a child. There can be one or more authority figures for a kid and it does not matter to which age group an authority figure falls into.

If you ever feel nervous or anxious in front of a particular person from your childhood even now then there is a high probability that you might have chosen that someone as an authority figure during your childhood.

So, if you understand what we are talking about then you also might be getting a clear idea about how much these authority figures are important in a child’s life and this also means that these people can mold and shape their life positively or negatively.

If you are serious about helping any kid then you must first focus on becoming an authority figure for them and the only way to identify where you stand in this whole scenario is by observing how much that child emotionally connects with you.


No kid is normal or abnormal unless and until the society has collectively formed an ideal image of a normal kid.

Every kid is special as we have already mentioned before but these words are meaningless if you are not open enough to go against the society’s limited mindsets and beliefs about how a kid should be.

The family’s and parent’s approval is what ultimately matters for a kid but unfortunately, many families and even parents expect their kids to be “good enough” according to the society’s definition of it.

A kid never knows what they are or who they are a part of the definitions that are already decided by the social mindsets which are nothing but a byproduct of old paradigms and narrow-minded thinking of people who don’t want to be open for new changes.

So in order to give a beautiful life to every child of God we here in this website focus on discerning and discovering the special gift that is uniquely present in every being sometimes it is just as simple as their divine presence.


Our Aim and Goals

As a team of four people of a heartfelt cause, we are focused to spread the above message and also help people in developing a kid’s mindset in a way that they grow up to become a happy person.

We are dedicated to research and collect information for the brain development and mental well-being of children of all kinds (“kind” is a label decided by the society, we are just using it for the sake of communication but for us, there is no specific kind when it comes to kids).

Our team is dedicated to exploring products, programs, and information resources so that we can recommend the best available materials to the authority figures of all kids in order to help them live a life that they truly deserve.

Apart from general psychological and mental development of children, we also focus on helping kids who are not considered to be normal by the society. So, we will also be bringing here the best possible ideas for providing a better life to kids with psychological disorders like Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Conduct Disorder, Mental Retardation, Stuttering, Asperger’s Syndrome, Learning Disorder, ADHD etc.

We will also contact psychologists, psychiatrists, child experts and other authoritative people in this area. Our team will also come up with some awesome one-on-one interviews so that our work can become more useful for our readers.

Thank you so much for visiting our site! Kindly share your views with us by dropping a comment in the box below. Your thoughts, viewpoints, and suggestions matter a lot to us as it helps and motivates us to work on the content of this website regularly.

12 responses to “Namaste and Welcome!”

  1. Let me say this first. I don’t have children and never wanted to. This doesn’t mean I don’t like them. Some I love, many I like and some need new parents – probably because the ones they have don’t recognise your above words.

    Looking at young people these days, many are becoming isolated as they don’t relate to any non-limiting factors because they never experienced them.

    I was fortunate in that my dad let me explore and encouraged me to find out things for myself. All while providing a safe base so to speak.

    At the just walking age, we lived in Ghana where dad was a mining engineer. All of the children in the community stayed in the community. Not me. I was down with the local villagers experiencing different things in life. Right away I was show two alternatives.

    During my working life, usually in a male oriented career, I was used in examples that required a person to think outside the box. No big deal. But boy sometimes the men were a bit embarrassed!

    Great site and good work.


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