3 Essential Resources for Autistic Children​

In this post, we will be providing information about some resources for autistic kids using which you can help them to develop various skills so that they can function healthily in the society like the other kids.

Our list consists of some selected materials that are very effective for improving the brain function and behavioral characteristics of any kid with a developmental disorder like ASD.

The results you will get with the use of these materials depends on various factors like the severeness of the problem and involvement as well as the dedication of the kid’s guardian or parent. It is obvious that the first point is not in our hands but the latter one totally depends upon our willingness to help the kid.

Since autism is a rare and complicated developmental disorder, we cannot be certain about how these resources will work for any particular kid. We have only created a list based on our research on this subject so we highly recommend you to take appropriate medical assistance where ever you feel it is necessary.

1 – ABA Therapy

The applied behavioral analysis is a method using which we can observe and understand how a kid behaves in any given situation. By doing this we can try to encourage the kid to stay prepared for any behavioral challenges they might have to face in the future.

ABA method covers a lot of behavior related issues which can be divided into 6 parts:-

a) Social Interactions

One of the main challenges that an autistic kid faces is how they respond and react to any social interaction. A kid affected by ASD often acts unpredictably in the presence of unfamiliar people. So with the use of this tool, we train them to conduct themselves more like the other kids in any such situation.

b) Learning New Skills

We cannot say that autistic children are weak in learning, in many cases they learn a lot of skills very quickly but when it comes to basic life skills they often lag behind. Therefore, ABA therapy helps us to teach them some primary skills.

c) Self Control

In many of our previous posts like “autism in children“, we have seen that a child affected by ASD could be obsessed with certain habits which makes them appear erratic.

Hence, using this tool we teach them to monitor their own actions in order to develop more self-control so that they can act appropriately in various situations.

d) Adaptability

A kid affected by Autism finds it very difficult to adopt changes and this is why they are obsessed with daily routines and monotonous life. Due to this, it becomes very difficult for a parent to travel with an autistic kid to new places.

However, this can become a major problem in their life when they have to deal with the environment like a school or workplace. Keeping this in mind, the ABA method is prepared in a way that we could teach them to easily accept changes without losing their peace of mind.

Creating a Healthy Environment

In the cases of kids where autism has affected them severely, we need to stay extra careful because such kids are susceptible to unpredictable behavior which can cause a lot of trouble for them as well as others.

By considering the degree to which a kid is affected by Autism, the ABA method helps us to create an adequate environment for autistic kids in the following ways:-

e) In the first case where the severity of this particular disorder is average, we create an environment for the learning of such kids by modifying that place in a way that an Autistic kid can conveniently function along with the other kids.

f) In severe cases of autism, a greater level of monitoring and observation becomes essential since a child can cause self-injury. For such cases, the ABA method helps us to create an environment where a kid is under the supervision of people all the time while they are learning.

To know more on this subject, we suggest that you read “Applied Behavior Analysis by Albert J. Kearney“. We also have a very good product suggestion which you can order from Amazon – ABA Therapy 6 Boxes (Contains cards and blocks)

2 – Occupational Therapy

As we have already discussed, that Autistic kids are many a time very much obsessed with specific activities. Their over involvement in a few things makes it very difficult for their parents to teach them the daily activities which also include basic things like eating, sleeping, walking, toileting etc.

With the use of this therapy, we try to provide the child with such an environment that they begin to learn as well as perform the basic day to day activities on their own.

To acquire more knowledge on this we recommend you to read “The Parent’s Guide to Occupational Therapy” by Cara Koscinsk.

Here’s video on occupational therapy for children:-


3 – GFCF Diet

This diet is basically meant for people with celiac disease which is related to the reaction of food items on a person which contains greater levels of gluten and casein.

If a person has GI response to products i.e primarily high in carbohydrate contents, it is known that for such individuals GFCF diet is safe for the healthy functioning of their intestine.

Strangely, without much clinical evidence, people have found that these type of food are often very suitable and healthy for those who have autism.

Since there are not any medical backup to support this claim we suggest that you take professional advice before trying the diet plan based product are suggesting i.e “The Autism and ADHD Diet” by Barrie Silberberg.


This post was based on the theory and methods using which you can help an autistic kid. In the next post which is a continuation of this one, we will provide you with a list of toys and items for sensory as well as other developments.

Thank you so much for visiting our site, we hope you found this content useful. We would love to hear your views, suggestions, and opinions about this post, so kindly share your thoughts with us by commenting below.

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