Activities to Boost Brain Development in the Early Childhood

In the last post named “Brain development of kids“, we have discussed in detail about the stages and process of how a kid’s brain develops and here we are going to enlist a few simple activities that will help you to boost that process.

Astoundingly, in the early brain development stage about 250,000 neurons are added every minute. When a baby is born it has all the neurons that are ever going to be required during its lifetime.

About 80% of the human brain develops within just 2 years after birth and then it grows depending upon the environment in which a child is raised. Since we have already mentioned that a baby has all the neurons that it will ever need right from the time of the birth, one may wonder how any further growth of the brain is possible.

The growth of the brain actually depends on the glial cells that divide and multiplies to form neurons connections with time. A kid’s brain develops as it starts to make use of the senses, every time a child sees, hears, tastes, touches or smell something a neuron connection is formed.

By understanding this mechanism we can help a kid to boost up this brain development process at the early age using certain methods as given below:-

1 – Expressing Love

Most of the psychological issues and personality related qualities of a person have its roots in their childhood memories. If a kid is raised with love and affection then it positively impacts the development of their brain.

Expressing your love to your kid by hugging them and cuddling them generates brain cells and form neurotic connections that are responsible for positive emotions in them.

To help your kid with its emotional security and to relieve any kind of body stress of the infant, light body massage is also highly useful.

2 – Music & Songs

Children not only love when you sing a song to them but it is also an essential tool for their brain development. They will pay more attention when you will introduce them to music and hence it will help to strengthen their auditory senses whereas it will also help them to learn the language quickly.

So even though it may seem a little weird but talking to them in songs is a great way to teach them your language. Music also stimulates a lot of brain areas.

3 – Playing

There is no better way to teach kids other than through playing, it is a fun activity that fulfills a lot of purposes. By playing with toys that represent things from their natural environment kids learn about action and reaction.

Playing helps kids to use their brain and it also channelizes their energy in a healthy way which is important for the development of their social-emotional skills and self-confidence.

For the strengthening of senses and cognitive functions of the brain, playing is paramount, you can learn more about this and find some great product recommendations in our previous post “sensory toys for autistic kids” (though it is a post specifically written for autistic kids but, the toys are useful for all kids).

4 – Help Your Kid to Make Sense of Their Environment

We now know that a new neurotic connection is formed everytime a baby makes use of one of its sense or when it experiences something new. You can help this process by being more attentive to your baby’s activities.

It is usual for a baby to point towards any sight or sound that it finds interesting, whenever this happens make sure to follow the gaze or focus of the kid and make a remark about whatever the baby is paying its attention to.

5 – Reading to Your Kids

Reading bedtime stories to kids has been always known as a great tool for putting a baby to sleep but only a few people understand that this activity plays a vital role in the cerebral development of a kid.

Not only this activity improves children’s auditory senses but it also helps them to understand language as well as emotions. Make sure to read to them some books that will generate positive and empowering emotions in them from an early age.

We have a very good program recommendation where you can find some great books for this purpose named “4lifehappykids“.

6 – Talking and Sharing Thoughts

To most people, it seems absurd to talk to kids and share thoughts as they do to adults, but expressing your views to a baby helps it to understand your body language, emotions, and feelings along with helping them to develop their vocabulary skills.

This also helps you to form a deeper bond and emotional connection with the kid. Here you should keep in mind to talk using a lot of expressions and signs whereas the talk should always be interesting as well as positive. Explaining things to a kid by describing a lot of details helps them to make sense of your words quickly.

7 – Creative Activities

Creative activities play a vital role in the development of the right cerebral hemisphere of the brain. So engaging kids in activities that involve the use of their imagination can be greatly useful in this process.

It could be a game that involves usage of the kid’s imagination or simply teaching them how to draw pictures, come up with as many things as possible that engages your kid while boosting their creative power.

Here’s a video on how to raise smart babies that you may like to watch:-


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