Anger Management Activities for Kids – Effective Tips and Techniques

In this post, we will be discussing some methods and anger management activities for kids that will help you to teach your kids to control their anger and channelize it in a healthy way.

Anger is usually a result of not being able to accept certain situations and thus feeling powerless. Nowadays kids have started to lose their temper over small things as they are becoming less tolerant to unfavorable situations. Anger is something that affects both the person as well as others, it can have adverse effects on the health of a kid and can also ruin their relationship with others.

A person who loses his temper too quickly has the root of this problem in his childhood because our emotional health and psychology greatly depends upon what type of childhood we have experienced.

If you will not work on it at an early age then the aggression in kids can lead to poor academic performances, rejections and poor mental health in adulthood. This is why in this post we will show you some effective methods using which you can deal with the anger of your children.

Children with Anger Issues – Symptoms

Before you begin to work on the problem you must identify whether the kid is having anger issues or not, and here are some signs using which you can do the same:-

  1. Kids with anger issues have lack of empathy towards animals and other people.
  2. They find it hard to express their feelings.
  3. These kids get angry over little things.
  4. Children with anger issues can become violent and use tantrums frequently.
  5. They blame others and refuse to take responsibilities for their actions.
  6. They find it very difficult to deal with frustration.
  7. Children with anger issues behave recklessly and act without thinking.
  8. They bully other kids.
  9. Anxiety in children can also lead to angry behavior.

Anger Management Activities for Children

Once you have confirmed that your kid has anger issues, you can work on their problem using various strategies and here we are going to provide you some effective methods that can be highly useful for making them emotionally healthy.

1 – Anger Is Natural

Anger is a natural human emotion and often what creates the problem is the belief that you should not be angry. The inner voice of the person that tells them that it is not good to be angry is what makes them helpless and out of control. So the first step in this process is that you should tell your kids that anger is a normal emotion and help them to differentiate between anger and aggressiveness.

Being angry is not the actual problem, the real problem lies in what we do to get rid of the anger. You should teach your kid to be in control of their actions whenever they are feeling angry. Like every other emotion anger also goes away with time when you are open to feel it and let go.

2. Be an Example for Your Kids

You are the role model of your children and your kid learns how to deal with various problems by watching you, so show your kids how you deal with anger, if you are dealing with such feelings in a healthy way then your kid will naturally pick up the same kind of behavior.

3. Appropriate Ways to Deal with Anger

Most parents make the mistake of stopping their kids from expressing their anger by telling them that they should not behave aggressively without letting them know what to do otherwise. So whenever your kid behaves aggressively you should tell them that they have other options like using words to express their anger rather than acting violently and they can also choose to walk away from the person who is provoking anger in them.

4. Self-Talk

One very good way to deal with various emotions is to use positive self-talk. Teach your kids to use affirmations like “I am in control, be calm, I can deal with this” etc. Developing the habit of positive self-talk is also good for boosting the self-esteem in children.

5. Changing the Situation

It is not necessary that one should always deal with a situation when they are feeling intense emotions, sometimes it is better to walk away and do something peaceful to calm your mind. Encourage your children to go to someplace where they can find peace of their mind whenever they are feeling angry. Doing activities that soothe their mind like reading books, listening to music, drawing, etc. can also help.

Ways to Be Less Angry

Decreasing anger in your kids is always a better way than dealing with it. Here we will discuss some methods that will help you to make your kids less susceptible to anger:-

1 – Routine

A healthy routine is essential for making your kids emotionally healthy. Frequent changes in the routine lead to unexpected behaviors and loss of mental peace. Make sure that your kid is having a healthy lifestyle by keeping following things in mind:-


Kids between 4-12 age-group should get more than 10 hours of sleep for the healthy functioning of their mind and body due to their hyper activeness.


A healthy and balanced diet is very important for the physical and mental growth of kids. A child’s behavior is directly related to the functioning of the neurons in their brain which depends upon the type of food they intake. Make sure that your kid takes a proper diet at the right time.

Water Consumption

For the healthy functioning of the body and mind, it is necessary to maintain the electrolyte balance in the body and staying hydrated is very helpful for one to be able to stay in control of their emotions.

Physical Activities

Playing outdoor games helps a kid to use their energy in a positive manner and it also channelizes many of their emotions in a healthy way. Apart from this, exercise and yoga are also good for their health.

2 – Environment

Children develop their mindset and psychology based on the type of environment in which they are raised. By creating a healthy environment where people emanate positive emotions, you can help them to be emotionally healthy.


Home is the place from where kids learn most of their life lessons and behavior. By creating a healthy environment at home you can make sure that your kid is getting the right kind of experiences to build a healthy mindset.


After home, kids learn most of their behavior from other kids and the kind of environment they get in their school. Hence, you should make sure that your kid is under good company in their school.


If you feel that your kid is facing anger issues that is greater than your ability to control, then as a parent it becomes your responsibility to take professional help before it gets too late. Anger is not a problem that can be ignored because it can affect the whole life of a person, so we strongly advise that you should seek the help of an expert if you are not able to solve the problem using the above-given methods.

You can also prefer to use a product created by the experts for the purpose of “anger management“, this product is for adults but it consists some awesome and effective methods for dealing with anger which you can learn and further teach your kids. We also recommend you to buy a workbook for kids to control anger named “I’m not bad, I’m just mad“.

Here’s a video for you that talks about anger management in kids:-


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  1. Hi what a great page.

    I thought having a list of symptoms was a great idea.

    I know it seems obvious but I think there’s a difference between children with anger issues and children who just happened to get angry from time to time.

    There are always occasions when people are angry, whether they are children or adults and sometimes there’s every reason why they should get angry.

    This doesn’t mean that they’ve got anger issues.

    I think your section on anger management activities for children is really important.

    Of course, it’s much easier to say be an example to your kids than it is to actually do it but it is so important. Having appropriate ways to deal with anger is is absolutely right rather than stopping from being allowed to be angry.

    Thank you for a useful article.

    • Thank you for the comment.

      Yes, you are absolutely right that anger is a natural human tendency, but it is always better to have some methods using which you can channelize your anger in a healthy way.

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