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Attention Deficit Disorder in Kids – ADD/ADHD Parenting Advice

ADHD which is an attention deficit disorder in kids is something that can make parents face a lot of difficulty in raising up their children and it can also become a big problem in the life of the kids if it is not treated properly at the right time. In this post, we are going to discuss the signs and symptoms of ADHD along with a few tips that will help you to raise your child.

Kids with ADHD find it difficult to focus on something for a long time, they also lag behind in making friends and it is often very difficult for them to control their impulses. Some kids with ADHD are very hyperactive and they don’t listen to their parents, many people confuse their kid’s behavior caused by ADHD with common characteristics of mischievous children.

Signs of ADHD can be put under three categories which are as follows:-

1 – ADHD Inattentiveness

Kids with ADHD inattentiveness:-

a) Frequently skip their homework.

b) Do not listen to people even when they are talking directly to them.

c) Keep their things disorganized and refuse to act in a disciplined way.

d) Move from one task to another before finishing the previous one.

e) Loses things frequently and are very careless.

2 – ADHD Hyperactiveness

Kids with ADHD hyperactiveness:-

a) Cannot stay still in one place for even more than 5 minutes.

b) Have a lot of restless energy in them which makes them very difficult to control.

c) Talks unnecessarily without caring much about the conversation.

d) Blurts out words at inappropriate times.

3 – Hyperactiveness and Inattentiveness Combined

Some kids may also show both of the above characteristics. These kids are very moody which makes them act disrespectfully to other people in social situations. Due to the strange behavior of being hyperactive as well as careless, these kids become troublemakers for others in their family and without the diagonalization of the disorder, people may use wrong strategies to deal with them.

Preschoolers have a lot of common characteristics that match with the signs of ADHD so it becomes very difficult for one to detect this disorder before the age of five but when kids continue to show such behaviors after this age than that could be an indication of ADHD. Also, there are many other disorders as well as other causes that might make a child to show the signs similar to ADHD so we highly recommend you to take proper medical support before you reach to any conclusion about the condition of your kid.

Parenting a Child with ADHD

Parenting a child with ADHD requires a lot of patience, with proper knowledge about the disorder you can use the right methods and strategies to help your kid to deal with the challenges that they are facing in their life due to this affliction.

There are many positive traits that children with ADHD have like they are they are very creative, enthusiastic and full of energy. Their inability to stay focused in the same environment can also help them to easily adapt to changes.

Few things that you can work on to help your kid are as follows:-

1 – Diet

There are certain types of diets that are good for kids with ADHD, these diets help with the brain growth of the children and keeping a fixed schedule for food helps them to be more in control of their behavior. Feingold Diet is one such effective solution for kids affected by ADHD, you can get a detailed information about this diet in the book named “All Natural Mom’s Guide to the Feingold Diet“.

2 – Exercise

Various types of exercises that are recommended for these kids are effective in keeping their emotions in control by providing them the necessary peace of mind. Sports and exercises also help such kids to channelize their energy in a healthy way so that they can avoid being restless.

3 – Therapy

Kids affected with ADHD can receive special therapies to learn various life skills and these therapies gives them the necessary tools to deal with the challenges that are specific to such kids. Therapies also help you to detect the exact areas where your child might be facing problems so that you could work on it.

4 – Environment

The degree to which ADHD can affect your child greatly depends on the type of environment in which the child is raised. By gaining the proper knowledge about the disease you can create an environment which will help you to raise your kid in a way that their disorder will not stop them from living their childhood happily.

As a parent of a child with ADHD, you must acquire all the necessary knowledge about the disorder so that you could take the right actions at the right time for the betterment of your child. The most important part of parenting such kids is to train their social skills and make them comfortable in the society.

For more information on the parenting of children affected with ADHD we recommend you to read the book named “ADHD – Living without Brakes“.

Here’s a Youtube video that you might want to check out where a clinical psychologist provides information on how to determine if your child is affected with ADHD:-

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