Brain Development of a Baby Before Birth – Tips for Cerebral Growth of a Fetus

In this post, we are going to discuss the brain development of a baby before birth and what helps this process so that parents can take the necessary measures before the baby is born.

There are a lot of factors that affect the brain functioning of a baby even before it is born, research works have revealed some astonishing facts about how a baby can learn things in its mother’s womb and how the type of emotions a mother has can influence the baby.

There are a lot of things you must know before you become a parent because your baby’s journey begins even before it is born.

During the time when the fetus develops, its brain goes through many stages which is primarily divided into 3 parts as given below:-

1 – First Trimester

During the first 3 months, the nerve cells start to appear but they are not developed enough to form a brain, so the nerve cell impulses begin to fire during this stage but since they have no particular pattern or direction this does not account to any kind of cerebral activity.

In the first trimester, neither the sensory organs nor the nerves are developed enough to cause any kind of sensations in the fetus. However, this is the most important stage of fetal development as it lays the foundation for any further growth, you must make sure to avoid chemicals and substances which are not healthy for the development of the fetus. Taking healthy fats during this stage is known to be very helpful for the development of the new tissues.

2 – Second Trimester

Unlike the previous stage, here nerve functions start to show specific patterns. Also during this time, the sensory organs begin to develop and the nerves get more strengthened. This means that during this trimester the baby starts to feel various kinds of sensations, yet due to the underdeveloped organs these sensations are not that much significant.

3 – Third Trimester

The last 3 months are the most vital time period before birth since that’s when the complete development of the baby brain occurs. In this stage, the brain is developed enough to learn new things as well as it also develops the memory power.

Although people are not much aware of this fact, the baby can sense the emotions of its mother and that can also impact the cerebral growth of the kid in the future. This is why it is very important that one must make sure that the mother is in a joyful state most of the time and she should also be living in a healthy and cheerful environment.

Listening to classical music and soothing sounds can also be very helpful during this stage since the baby brain can get positively affected due to the exposure to relaxing music.

Help Your Baby with Its Brain Development Before Birth

Most parents focus on the brain development of kids after birth but there are a lot of things one can do to help the cerebral development process before birth.

According to the experts, a state of kid’s brain has a lot to do with what kind of environment was provided to it when it was in its mother’s womb. Not everything related to fetal brain development is genetical but the type of diet, exercises and emotional state of the mother play a great role in this whole process.

We don’t usually remember much about our early childhood and we obviously have no memory of what happened before our birth but our subconscious mind does keep a record of many incidences that have happened during the time when we were inside our mother’s womb and this also has programmed our mindset and behavior in various ways. Many of the emotional problems that kids face can also have its root in the time when they were inside their mother’s womb.

Hence, one must make it a priority to be in an environment that is empowering as well as peaceful during pregnancy.

Few Things You Can Do to Improve a Child’s Brain Development Before It Is Born

1 – Healthy Diet

It is quite simple, a healthy mother gives birth to a healthy baby. It is very common that doctors recommend certain diet during pregnancy but some mothers avoid to follow it properly believing that it is for their benefit, however, the diet is often more beneficial for the baby than the mother.

2  – Exercise

Exercising and body movement balances proper blood circulation so it increases the availability of proper nutrients to the baby which helps in its brain development.

3 – Avoid Stress

We have already discussed this in the earlier paragraph but here we are going to provide you a factual information regarding this topic.

Whenever the mother has any kind of stress, a hormone named cortisol is produced in the body which is harmful to both the mother and the baby during pregnancy.

This hormone is known to directly affect the brain development of the fetus so it is of paramount concern that the mother should not face any kind of stress during pregnancy.

4 – Talk to the Baby

This may seem a little crazy but many parents talk to their baby when it is in the womb. When you talk to a baby in the womb, it reacts and it is known to be a healthy habit for the cerebral development of the baby.

So, it is highly recommended that you should regularly talk to your baby and express your emotions even before it is born. Reading books and singing songs is also helpful in this process.

After the 23rd week, it is known that the baby’s ears develop completely so it starts to recognize the sound of their mother and father. Hence, you can play some joyful songs for the baby during this phase and it will help in its brain functioning. As the baby becomes familiar with the sounds of various words, it can later help them to learn the language skills quickly and it will be easier for you to teach them how to speak.

For more information, we recommend you to read the book named Psychology for Pregnancy – How Your Mental Health During Pregnancy Program Your Baby’s Developing Brain

Here’s a Youtube video that gives some good tips on what you can do for the development of the baby’s brain during preganency:-


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  1. Thanks for such amazing information!
    I have a 4 year old daughter and she is incredibly smart ( at least I think so!)
    My wife and I did a lot of the things that you recommend. I believe the environmental you provide the baby while in the womb is most important. Having a good environment will reduce stress from the mother as well.
    I look forward to reading many more articles for more great information!

    • Thank you Timm. We are happy to listen from someone who have used some of the mentioned tips. Yes, giving a proper environment to the child and their mother when the baby is in the womb is one of the most important activity for the brain development of the baby before birth.

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