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How to Teach a Baby to Talk – Working Methods and Techniques

In this post, we will be providing you some methods on how to teach a baby to talk so that you can do the necessary things that are essential for helping your kids to learn the first few words and further develop their language skills.

One of the main focus of parents is to communicate with their kids and most parents start to worry when they see that they are not succeeding in teaching their kids to speak but one should always keep in mind that these skills are developed quickly in case of some kids whereas other kids may take a long time to utter their first words. Your job as a parent is to encourage them to express themselves by learning the language which they will naturally do by observing you and other people in their surroundings.

Below we will be discussing some methods that you can use to help your toddler talk and we will also tell you about the time period after which you should seek a professional help if there is a delay in the speech. Continue reading

What Books to Read to Kids – Important Tips for the Parents

In this post, we are going to discuss the kinds of books that you should read to kids because the type of stories and lessons you read to your children greatly impacts their mind so you should be careful while choosing the written materials that you read to your kids.

Reading to kids is a very important thing for the brain development of children because listening to various sounds helps their mind to make the necessary association between words and its meaning. Apart from this, a child loves to get your attention and when you take your time to read to your kid regularly they feel loved and cared which makes them emotionally healthy. Continue reading

Interesting Games to Help Kids to Read

In this post, we are going to discuss some games to help kids to read and we will be talking about the importance of making reading a fun activity for kids.

The use of educational toys and tools is very essential to help a kid learn any new skill and playing games also bring parents and kids together. In our previous post about how to teach kids to learn reading at home, we have mentioned the necessity of interesting activities for helping kids to understand the language, in this post, we will give you some tips about how you can make reading a fun filled process for them.

Teaching how to read to young kids and preschoolers is necessary because studies have proven that this helps the kid with their brain development and those kids who learn to read at an early age often turns out to be smarter and intelligent than the other kids of their age.

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10 Steps to Teach a Child How to Read

In this post, we are going to provide you 10 effective steps using which you can teach a child how to read from a very early age so that they can learn this skill before going to school.

In our previous post, we have discussed how to teach your kid to read at home in detail, however, in this post, we will be providing you some brief methods and tips that will help you to make your child a good reader.

Reading books is very good for the brain development of children and it is wise to make them familiar with this particular skill as early as possible because children absorb information very quickly.

So here are the 10 steps on how to teach a child to read:-

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How to Teach Your Kid to Read at Home – Preschooler Learning Strategies

In this post, we will discuss some methods and strategies using which you can effectively teach your kid to read at home and prepare the preschoolers to be ready for their future classroom curriculum.

A child’s brain at an early age is a lot different from a grown-up kid in various ways so you should use the right techniques to make them interested in what you are trying to teach them and use methods that make it easy for them to process the information.

At an early age when the brain is developing very fast, it is very wise to help your kid to learn skills like reading because it will not only be learned by them much quicker than a person with a developed brain but it also boosts up the process of their brain development.

When you spend the time with your kid to teach them the skills like reading it builds a strong connection between you and them which will help you to become the best teacher they could ever have in their whole lifetime. Continue reading

How Television Affects Kids – Important Tips for Parents

In this post, we are going to discuss how television affects kids so that you could decide whether it is wise to let your kids watch T.V for more than a few hours.

Usually, a parent is always worried about their kid’s habit of watching television because the old way of thinking criticizes watching T.V as a harmful thing for children. People have a notion that television is not a healthy thing for the brain development of children.

But is watching T.V really that harmful to kids? Should you let your kid watch T.V without any restrictions? For how long should you allow your kid to watch television? What kind of shows should you let your children watch? We will be answering all these questions in this post but first, we would like to debunk the myth that television is always harmful. Continue reading

Cool Math Games for Kids – Educational Tools and Toys

In this post, we are going to discuss some fun-filled cool math games for kids that are not only very interesting and engaging but it also helps kids to get better at using their logical hemisphere of the brain.

It often gets boring for children to do math when we use conventional ways to teach them calculating, so it is wise to teach them the same with the use of games because every kid love to play and that is proven to be the most effective way to teach them anything. When kids use their problem-solving skills in games like this, they will start gaining more confidence in their abilities which will boost up their self-esteem.

The human brain is not always ready for doing computation because the logical part of the brain takes time to develop in comparison to the creative part, so at an early age, we should focus on creative methods that will lead to early development of reasoning skills. The brain develops its ability to perform a mathematical task by recognizing number combinations, patterns and other mathematical concepts by repetition since it has to become familiar with these ideas.

By encouraging them to play games we are actually making kids familiar with the mathematical way of thinking so that these logical tasks could become easier for them in the future and it will also help with the brain development of children. Continue reading

Brain Development of a Baby Before Birth – Tips for Cerebral Growth of a Fetus

In this post, we are going to discuss the brain development of a baby before birth and what helps this process so that parents can take the necessary measures before the baby is born.

There are a lot of factors that affect the brain functioning of a baby even before it is born, research works have revealed some astonishing facts about how a baby can learn things in its mother’s womb and how the type of emotions a mother has can influence the baby.

There are a lot of things you must know before you become a parent because your baby’s journey begins even before it is born. Continue reading

Toys for Intellectual Development of Kids – Make them Smarter

In this post, we are going to discuss some very interesting and effective toys for the intellectual development of kids that will boost the learning process and intellectual qualities of kids.

Playing is the most important activity through which a child’s brain develops and they learn various skills that are useful for their future life. However, this particular thing greatly depends on the type of games and toys which they choose to play with.

There are many toys that help a kid to catalyze their brain development in various ways, some are useful for increasing their creative power whereas, some are useful for fortifying their reasoning skills. Apart from this, these toys also improve the cognitive functions of their brain.

Below we are going to provide a list of the toys that can be highly useful for improving the intellectual skills of your kid:- Continue reading

Activities to Boost Brain Development in the Early Childhood

In the last post named “Brain development of kids“, we have discussed in detail about the stages and process of how a kid’s brain develops and here we are going to enlist a few simple activities that will help you to boost that process.

Astoundingly, in the early brain development stage about 250,000 neurons are added every minute. When a baby is born it has all the neurons that are ever going to be required during its lifetime.

About 80% of the human brain develops within just 2 years after birth and then it grows depending upon the environment in which a child is raised. Since we have already mentioned that a baby has all the neurons that it will ever need right from the time of the birth, one may wonder how any further growth of the brain is possible.

The growth of the brain actually depends on the glial cells that divide and multiplies to form neurons connections with time. A kid’s brain develops as it starts to make use of the senses, every time a child sees, hears, tastes, touches or smell something a neuron connection is formed. Continue reading