Children Learning Reading Program Review – Scam or Real?

This is a detailed review of the children learning reading program, by reading this post you will get a clear idea of whether this product is worth your money or if it is just another online scam.

Teaching children how to read is a very difficult task when they are in their early childhood but if you get successful in helping them to be able to read at an early age then it becomes very easy for them to learn further reading related skills and they also become very proficient at it.

What most people don’t know is that reading words and understanding meanings is not alone what contributes to a child’s overall reading skills, there are also other senses involved in this process especially the hearing sense.

One more factor that matters in a child’s reading skill is their interest, it is most important that we should make this activity very fun filled for them so that they could willingly take interest to learn reading. Considering all this, Jim Yang has prepared a program that helps parents to teach their kids how to read.

The Story behind the Product

There is a little story behind the creation of this product. Jim and Elena are a couple who have three kids, they were looking for some good options in the market which could help them to boost their kid’s brain development and learning skills.

They were especially concerned about teaching their kids how to learn reading but after exploring a lot of products they came to a conclusion that none of them were perfect for their kids. So they used their creativity and came up with a product which not only consisted of the techniques they learned from the other programs but also methods that are appropriate for a small kid.

First, they tried this on their own kids and when they succeded they began to share this with others and found that people were getting great results. Therefore they converted their formula into a digital product which is very effective for kids aging between two and a half to seven years.

Product Overview

Jim Yang is a teacher who is an expert in the area of reading skills of kids, the author has incorporated various techniques and methods that help parents to not only help a kid in learning how to read but also catalyzes their brain development and thus increases their intelligence.

Usually, people do not care much about teaching such skills to kids till they have crossed the age of four, but according to Jim, the cognitive functions of the brain are at its peak development at the age between two to three. Hence, helping them to read at this age is most effective.

It is a twelve-week program which you can also complete at your own speed or repeat multiple times to get better results. The program mainly consists of two stages of overall fifty lessons which include stories, rhymes, audio clips, sight words etc.

Each lesson is short and simple so that the kid could easily and happily learn, the lessons can be completed within three to five minutes. They are available in pdf format and mp3 audio recordings.


Unlike other programs which mainly focuses on sight words alone, CLR is a product which uses a unique method that is based on phonics and phonemic awareness, this is why it has become quite popular among people because the author is making them to give attention to something which is very imperative in language learning skills.

Phonemic is related to the phoneme, which is simply the sound from which a word begins. So phonics is entirely about the sounds we make when we speak and it is seen that by teaching kids in this way a parent can get very good results.

Bonus Materials

There are about seven bonus items that come with this product which are as follows:-

  1. Stories: These are short stories which are so prepared that your kid can read their first story by themselves after the basic lessons.
  2. Advance level stories: After reading the initial stories and completing a few more lessons these advanced stories can easily be read by the kids which will also act as a progress report for them.
  3. Letter-sound audio clips: In order to use the phonemes for teaching how to read, the program provides you with some bonus letter sound audio clips.
  4. Sight words: Although the program is not much based on sight words yet it uses them as a secondary tool to teach reading and for this, you will find a list of most commonly used sight words in the bonus items.
  5. Rhymes: You will also get children’s most favorite nursery rhymes book as a bonus but this is something which your child will only be able to read after they have completed the lessons.
  6. Lifetime upgrades: If any change is made in the program by the makers then you will immediately receive the updated version of the program for free.
  7. One on one counseling: The program includes one on one counseling for twelve weeks in which you will get to talk with the makers and get help regarding any of the problems you might be facing while using the program.


The CLR program comes in two kinds of packages one is the standard version and the other is the premium version, you can check the product website using the link we have provided in the bottom of this post and decide what suits your needs.

As we are a team who keep on researching about the personal development of kids, we completely agree with the author that the first seven years is the most important time period in the brain development of a kid and it is very wise to teach them various skills during this age.

Children learning reading is one of the most underrated products and we believe that if your kid is yet to learn reading then this program can prove out to be a great tool for their ability to recognize, memorize and comprehend the meaning of words.

So according to us, this program is a very good investment because you are buying something that will prove out to be very useful in the kid’s future and that too at a very affordable price. You can also ask for a refund within the first sixty days of purchase, in case you are not satisfied with the product.

For more information kindly visit the product website.


Here’s a video demonstration of the product by the makers:-

We hope this review was useful to you. Kindly share your thoughts, opinions, and feedback by commenting below. Your suggestions and views matter a lot to us.

If you have already used this product then please let others know your honest opinions about this product even if it varies from our review.

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2 responses to “Children Learning Reading Program Review – Scam or Real?”

  1. Hi!

    I have a one year old who will be turning two in October. It’s interesting that the CLR creator is suggesting she learn to read now. I can see that she’s like a sponge absorbing every ounce of information she can get, but I thought she should learn to read after she’s fully conversational.

    According to doctors, she’s on pace with her speech development, so Jim is suggesting that they learn to be conversational and learn to read simultaneously. That’s interesting. I’ll have to take a look into this because I’d love for her to read as early as possible.

    As I was reading, one more thing I was curious about was pricing. Do they have monthly pricing plans or is it possible to buy DVDs or something?

    • Hello Tiffany,

      Your child is at the right age to learn how to read, most parents think the same way that the child should learn this particular skill after they start to speak but teaching them at this age helps their language skills tremendously.

      The price of this program keeps on varying depending upon the offers that they provide occasionally, so we suggest you to visit the product website for this information. The program will not charge you on the monthly basis, its a one time investment and as per what we have known till now it is only available in the digital format.

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