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In this post, we are going to discuss some fun-filled cool math games for kids that are not only very interesting and engaging but it also helps kids to get better at using their logical hemisphere of the brain.

It often gets boring for children to do math when we use conventional ways to teach them calculating, so it is wise to teach them the same with the use of games because every kid love to play and that is proven to be the most effective way to teach them anything. When kids use their problem-solving skills in games like this, they will start gaining more confidence in their abilities which will boost up their self-esteem.

The human brain is not always ready for doing computation because the logical part of the brain takes time to develop in comparison to the creative part, so at an early age, we should focus on creative methods that will lead to early development of reasoning skills. The brain develops its ability to perform a mathematical task by recognizing number combinations, patterns and other mathematical concepts by repetition since it has to become familiar with these ideas.

By encouraging them to play games we are actually making kids familiar with the mathematical way of thinking so that these logical tasks could become easier for them in the future and it will also help with the brain development of children.

What Are Mathematical Games?

An activity is often considered to be a tedious task by human brain unless it has a playful element to it. Often a game becomes interesting when there are more than 2 people to play it, so kids usually love to play when they have their friends to join with them in it and that’s why math games can become highly interesting for them when they have got company. Playing games with other children is also very essential for the intellectual development of kids.

In the case of younger kids, you can teach them simple calculations with the help of toys which are known to be effective in encouraging a kid’s mind to count and calculate.

Now we are going to provide you a list of our recommended products which will make mathematical concepts interesting for your kid:-

1 – Geometiles 3D Building Set

This is a geometry, math and stem learning tool for kids who are more than 6 years old. They also provide you with free online lessons on how to use these toys. 3D building block set is something that kids love to play with, so using these toys we are making kids familiar with various geometrical shapes so that they can easily relate to it when they have to perform geometrical mathematics in future.

Geometiles 3D Building Set is available on Amazon.

2 – Golden Bead Material

This is a toy which encourages kids to learn various mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. This toy is meant for kids who are ready to do mathematical calculations but are not much interested in it, taking a different approach to teaching the calculations can be greatly helpful in such cases.

You can order Golden Bead Material online.

3 – Digitz Game

This is a digital electronic game that makes math a very fun filled task for kids because they have to race against the clock to win. Children get to press colorful paddles to enter their answers which they find interesting and this toy also has different light and sound effects.

This game is meant for kids who are more than 8 years old. Playing with this toy can help children to learn basic math skills and memorization of facts.

Here’s the link to order this toy online – Digitz Game

4 – Fractions Flash Cards

As the name indicates these are flashcards which help children to practice their fraction skills in a fun way. This game can be used for kids who are more than 8 years old. There are 54 cards with various color illustrations so that children could make comparisons.

These cards contain basic fraction facts and bonus cards with mathematical symbols that can be effectively used to teach your kid about various mathematical concepts.

Fractions Flash Cards are available on Amazon.

5 – Interactive Educational Toy

This is a very interesting toy that you can use to teach basic mathematics to small kids. It is best for pre-school education and it comes with an activity book bundle that gives you a clear idea about how to properly proceed to different stages of learning.

The toy has a stylus that reads invisible dots on every page which triggers audio questions. Using this toy you can teach a kid to perform more than 12 pre-school mathematical problem-solving skills. Apart from this, you can also use this tool for teaching them various other skills like basics of music and language.

For further details, check out Interactive Educational Toy on Amazon.

6 – Maracas Toy for Counting

This is a perfect toy for a baby or a small kid who loves to use maracas. It is a simple toy that consists of light and sounds which you can use to help kids for doing their first few mathematical counting.

When the kid shakes these maracas every time they hear an audio which pronounces a number between 1-10 based on how many times the kid has shaken the maracas, so it introduces them to the concept of basic counting.

You can find this type of Maracas on Amazon.

7 – Turbo Twist Math

This toy is an interesting one for children of modern age because it consists of a graphical LCD display along with cool sound effects and music.

The toy consists of 5 different games that can teach addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, fraction, decimals and percentage. This lightweight portable toy can also help a kid to master word problems so that they can do mental maths and it also introduces them to basic algebra.

You can buy Leap Frog Turbo Twist Math from Amazon.

8 – Mind Power Series

This one is a digital product that contains 3 e-books which engage kids in fun activities that helps them to learn mathematical calculations along with other skills like language and problem-solving.

The 3rd book in this series is called “math power is fun” which contains 121 activities that help a kid to gain knowledge of basic mathematical concepts like classifying, seriation, numbers, symbols, spatial relationship, time, reversibility and decentring.

For more details, you can visit the product website here.


We also recommend you to try out the educational games from k5 stars where they have online tools like math robo which your kids will enjoy a lot while learning calculations.

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