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How to Deal with the Terrible Twos – Easy Methods to Handle Baby Tantrums

In this post, we will discuss some methods on how to deal with the terrible twos which is a common behavior change in kids that often becomes a big challenge for the parents.

The terrible twos have gained the moniker for a reason because when a baby becomes more than 2 years old, they start to become very naughty and learns to throw tantrums that are very difficult for a parent to deal with.

Not all kids show the symptoms of terrible twos but it is usual to see this kind of behavioral change in any child because during this phase they become capable of doing things on their own for which they needed support earlier and on the other hand they also struggle in expressing their thoughts because they are just learning to speak.

It is very difficult to reason with them during this age because they are neither a baby nor a kid. Below we will be providing some tips using which you will be able to deal effectively with the terrible twos of your baby but we advise you to stay patient until the phase ends on its own.

Acting at the Right Time

Many of the parents do not take the bad behavior of their kids seriously when the kids are just beginning to show the symptoms. If you will not act on the first few tantrums of your child, then they will start to become more uncontrollable with time.

Stay Calm and Composed

Although in the previous point we have talked about the importance of taking actions, however, one must not confuse it with reacting to the situation.

You must know a healthy way to make your kid understand that their bad behavior will not be accepted. You should wait for the tantrum to be over without giving your attention to what the child is doing. Stay calm and composed whenever the kid is pushing your buttons and ignore them completely so that they should understand that such behavior does not work.

Once they have finished throwing the tantrums, then is the time to talk to them about their behavior.

Knowing the Nature of Your Kid

You must observe and analyze the behavior of your child to know them better. This will help you to understand the times when your kid acts inappropriately.

Make sure to be present around your kid whenever they are behaving badly, as we have discussed in the above point you should not react or give attention to their tantrums but your presence is essential.

Do Not Pamper

Many parents make a mistake of pampering their kids during such times. Giving the kid what they want when they are throwing tantrums may work temporarily but it will make them more mischievous.

Keep Them Engaged

Kids find the time to trouble their parents when their mind is not occupied with something interesting, so you should focus on engaging them in some activity.

Use your creativity and come up with some good ideas to keep your kid away from boredom. You can also use some toys that can help them with their brain development.

Give Them Your Time

Kids act inappropriately in order to get the attention of others, so it is important that you should take your time to be with them as much as possible.

Kids at this age learn various new skills and they want to show it off in front of others. So allow them to show you their newly learned skills and give them the necessary appreciation.

Divert Their Attention

It is always best to avoid taking action during the time when the kid is throwing tantrums, but one thing that you can do is to distract them from whatever they are focusing towards as it is easy to divert the attention of kids.

However, this may not always work and you should not try hard to do this because it can also make things worse.

Talk to Your Kid

The best solution to any problem that your child might be facing is to communicate with them and understand the reason behind their issues.

Talking to your toddler is essential to know why they are not behaving properly because their actions could be a result of some childhood emotional problems they might be facing.

You should tell them that it is completely okay to feel angry at times but they should not hurt other people due to their loss of temper. Also, you should make them understand the importance of expressing and sharing their feelings with you.

Schedule and Plan Ahead

There is always a common link between all kind of situations when your kid has an outburst of anger and frustration. You should find out the reasons that can make your kid act in a fit of temper and plan ahead to handle such situations.

Considering this you should plan your trips by making sure that the schedule of your kid should not be changed. Keep your child’s food and their favorite toys with you whenever you are going out with them.

Kids Don’t Like Changes

The tantrums that your kid uses in the social situations is often due to their discomfort in accepting any kind of change in their daily routine.

You can solve this problem by talking with your kids before going out of your home, making your kid familiar with the place by telling them about where you are going can help them to become more comfortable with places. You can also encourage the good behavior of your kid by giving them rewards whenever they act in a disciplined way.


So these were some tips and methods that will help you to deal with the behavior change that your kid might be showing as they are growing up.


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