Interesting Games to Help Kids to Read

In this post, we are going to discuss some games to help kids to read and we will be talking about the importance of making reading a fun activity for kids.

The use of educational toys and tools is very essential to help a kid learn any new skill and playing games also bring parents and kids together. In our previous post about how to teach kids to learn reading at home, we have mentioned the necessity of interesting activities for helping kids to understand the language, in this post, we will give you some tips about how you can make reading a fun filled process for them.

Teaching how to read to young kids and preschoolers is necessary because studies have proven that this helps the kid with their brain development and those kids who learn to read at an early age often turns out to be smarter and intelligent than the other kids of their age.

Importance of Games in Teaching Kids How to Read

1 – Social Skills

One of the main reasons that it is advised that a kid should play educational games with the other kids is because it helps them to develop the social skills that are very essential for their future life.

Kids learn to cooperate with other players and follow a certain set of rules when they play games in a group. But most importantly, skills like reading are learned quickly by kids when they play games that involve multiple players because that gives them an engaging and enthusiastic environment.

2 – Focus and Patience

Reading is a tedious task for children and many kids find it hard to focus on reading due to the lack of excitement. This is why playing games are essential, it makes them focused on the activity for longer periods and they will become more patient in this process.

Creative Reading Games

In our previous post “steps to teach kids to read” we have suggested that you should find out some methods to make your kid interested in reading with the use of creativity and now we will suggest you some such games that you can play with them at home, they are as follows:-

1 – Scavenger Hunt

This is a very interesting game that can greatly help your kids to use their mind in order to comprehend the language. All you have to do is to give them an opportunity to win their favorite reward for solving a puzzle.

Write down some clues on different paper chits and hide them, each chit should contain the location of the other one and so on. This way your kid will have to understand each clue until they reach to the final one. Make them write each clue on board and ask them to explain what they have understood. Playing this game regularly will greatly improve your child’s language comprehension whereas it will also give you an opportunity to teach them new words.

2 – Secret Message

Kids love to play games that involve a mystery that’s why you can play this simple game with them where they will have to find out a secret message written by you for them and to make this more interesting you can give them rewards for successfully cracking the code and explaining the meaning of the message.

This game can be used to teach kids new phrases and words, their effort to understand the message will help their ability to read.

For this game, you will need a candle, a white paper, watercolors and a brush to paint. Write your secret message in the white paper using the candle and then give the paper to your kid by asking them to find out the message by painting on the paper using the colors. When your kid will use colors on the paper the message will magically appear in front of them and they will be excited to do this more frequently.

You can also use the invisible ink marker for playing this game(it is more fun to use invisible ink).

Toys and Games for Helping Children to Read

Toys for Young Kids

Our focus for teaching how to read to young kids should be on the basics like alphabets, words, and rhymes so we will be using card games, alphabet games, and tools that focus on visual learning. Here are our recommended products:-

1 – Learning Resources Pop Game

2 – Alphabet Bingo Game

3 – Spelling Memory Game

4 – Preschool Learning Educational Set

Toys for Big Kids

Kids who know the basics of reading need to improve their vocabulary skills by exploring new words and phrases of the language. We are recommending some board games here that your child can play with their friends and learn some advanced language skills in the process:-

1 – Reading Comprehension Board Game

2 – Secret Mission Board Game


So these were some of our tips and recommendations using which you can help your kids to learn reading by playing games. The most effective method to teach children how to read is to teach them about phonemic awareness and that’s why we highly recommend you to try out the child learning reading program if you are looking for some products for this purpose.


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  1. Having fun while reading and learning is a sure way to develop that good habit of reading everyday.

    Playing games with the family or friends and incorporating reading is really the best way to both learn and have fun.

    Then, reading will never be boring and it will always be exciting.

    Thanks for this very informative and relevant post.


    • Thank you for your comment, we are more than happy to hear from someone who finds our content useful and understands its importance. We believe that reading is one of the essential skill for the brain development which a child should develop in his/her early childhood and this can best be learnt in a fun way by introducing them to some interesting educational games.

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