Talking to Toddlers Program Review

In this post, we are going to review a product called “Talking to Toddlers” which is a program created by Chris Thompson who is a parenting expert and certified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practitioner.

In our previous post named “Dealing with the terrible twos“, we have discussed some methods to deal with the tantrums a child starts to throw after becoming 2 years old, this program takes things to the next level and gives you an expert advice on parenting a kid who loses their temper very frequently.

This program is all about building a rapport with your children by communicating with them effectively. According to the author, the behavior change in kids is always due to some kind of emotional problem that they are facing, so in this program, he will teach you some techniques that will enable you to find out and work on their emotional issues.

About the Author

Chris Thompson has created this product with the use of the methods that have worked in the case of his own daughters. He is a certified master hypnotist and he has taken the NLP training under the instruction of Dr. Mike Mandel, also under the guidance of Chris Keeler in Canada the author was certified as an NLP practitioner.

Before using the NLP techniques as a parent, the author used to practice these methods for helping people to achieve success in life.

The author then went on to use the NLP methods as a parent which gave him an insight into the reasons behind the change in behavior among kids. He later started to help a lot of parents with the new strategies he has found with his own experience. Now he shares these methods with the international audience through this program.

Program Details

The main component of this program is the “Talking to Toddlers Manual” which is a complete collection of all the methods that the author has learned in his journey as a parenting expert. Along with this, you will also receive a bonus cheatsheet which is a summary of language skills which helps a parent to effectively communicate with young children. When you enroll for the program you will also get the subscription to the customer only email list which will enable you to receive bonus tips and lessons frequently through emails.

There is a premium package of this program which is available for about the double price but in this package, you will receive all the contents of the previous package along with 12 audios (each of 20 minutes) where the author narrates and explains everything that he has provided in the manual.

Right now the maker is providing the premium package at the price of the basic package, please check the product website to confirm whether they are still offering the same deal.

This program is suitable for kids between 2-6 years of age. The main focus of the course is upon the science of communication which gives you a complete guide on how to speak with kids in order to make them listen to you and follow your commands.

We found “The Distraction Technique” provided by the author in the program as a skill that every parent must learn and we also greatly appreciate the suggestions given by the author to avoid negative statements to the kids because it works the opposite way in case of children.

Final Verdict

Considering the low cost of the program and by knowing the fact that this program has been praised by a lot of parents who have tried this product, we believe that this can prove to be a very useful tool for you if you are frustrated or stressed by the tantrums your kid uses on you.

Since the methods are based on NLP and the author is a well-known parent expert who knows the effective language skills that work on kids, you can use this program on any kid to understand them better and teach them the right behavior before they cross the age after which it becomes difficult to train them.

For more details kindly visit the product website.


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