Toys for Intellectual Development of Kids – Make them Smarter

In this post, we are going to discuss some very interesting and effective toys for the intellectual development of kids that will boost the learning process and intellectual qualities of kids.

Playing is the most important activity through which a child’s brain develops and they learn various skills that are useful for their future life. However, this particular thing greatly depends on the type of games and toys which they choose to play with.

There are many toys that help a kid to catalyze their brain development in various ways, some are useful for increasing their creative power whereas, some are useful for fortifying their reasoning skills. Apart from this, these toys also improve the cognitive functions of their brain.

Below we are going to provide a list of the toys that can be highly useful for improving the intellectual skills of your kid:-

1 – Magnetic Building Block

One of the best toys using which you can enhance the creative power of a kid are building blocks. These types of toys help a kid to improve their hand-eye coordination at an early age so that they can perform real-life tasks efficiently.

Apart from helping the creative ability of a kid, this toy also encourages them to think in an organized way which is essential for the development of their brain.

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2 – Interlocking Construction Set

Another toy that improves the creative ability and hand-eye coordination of kids is an interlocking construction set. The most important factor that makes this toy highly useful is that it helps a kid to learn about spatial thinking and encourages STEM concepts.

Since so many designs can be made using these discs, it pushes the boundaries of a child’s mind to think deeply and come up with various structures.

For this purpose, you can buy Rainbow Snowflakes Discs from Amazon.

3 – Spin Again Toy

This is a simple toy which consists of discs that spin down a corkscrew pole to stack up in various different ways and when you pull the pole all the discs tumble to the ground.

It is a toy that is appropriate for small kids and it is highly useful for improving their hand-eye coordination, cause and effect learning, tactile exploration and visual recognition. One of the main reasons we have included this toy on our list is because it helps to encourage motor dexterity in kids, parents can also use this as a tool to teach kids how to count.

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4 – Engineering Magnet Toys

This is a similar engineering set like what we have already mentioned in one of the above points but it consists of both constructional as well as power gear accessories.

It is a toy for big kids who love to construct different types of moving vehicles using their creativity. This one is a very interesting toy that engages a kid’s mind while boosting their imagination power, whereas, it also helps them to gain the knowledge of mechanism and construction.

For this purpose, our recommendation is the Magformers Magnets in Motion Set.

5 – Activity Cube

This toy is very suitable for a growing baby, it entertains the child while teaching geometric shapes sorting. The cube also has counting beads, sliding animals spinning gears and a wire bead maze.

This cube has sliders that improve the grasping skills of the kid. Whereas, the gears in it is very good for helping their logical thinking. This toy is highly helpful for a kid because it improves their problem-solving skills, information organization, shape recognition, and hand to eye coordination.

You can order the Activity Cube from Amazon.

6 – Railway Construction Train Set

This toy consists of various items that stimulate real-life environment like police cars, fire engines, motor cars, helicopters, taxi, bus etc. It is one of the best ways to engage a kid in a “pretend play” game to teach them various things about the society while strengthening their creative ability.

This toy is for big kids who understand the functions of various utilities, you can encourage them to use their imagination for storytelling with the use of this toy. This game set offers the option of building various scenes which is not only a very much fun-filled activity for kids but also a great treat for their imagination.

Here’s the Amazon link for this toy – O-Toys Pretend Playset Games

7 – Wooden Tetris Puzzle

As we all know puzzles are one of the best ways to improve the intellectual qualities of kids. This toy is a wooden Tetris puzzle that teaches problem-solving to big kids and it also helps them to stay patient during challenging situations. When kids learn to solve the puzzle on their own it will also boost their self-esteem as it will fortify their belief in their own abilities.

This toy is a very good way to release stress and give a fun-filled break to the mind from other activities. Since this is a 3-d puzzle design, it helps children to improve their spatial imagination and creative thinking.

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