What Books to Read to Kids – Important Tips for the Parents

In this post, we are going to discuss the kinds of books that you should read to kids because the type of stories and lessons you read to your children greatly impacts their mind so you should be careful while choosing the written materials that you read to your kids.

Reading to kids is a very important thing for the brain development of children because listening to various sounds helps their mind to make the necessary association between words and its meaning. Apart from this, a child loves to get your attention and when you take your time to read to your kid regularly they feel loved and cared which makes them emotionally healthy.

Books That Children Love to Read

1 – Toddlers

Books for babies should be filled with a lot of pictures and colors that should attract their attention. Books made with cloths are most preferable because it is safe for a kid and can be washed to maintain the hygiene.

The content of the book should contain pictures of objects and things that are familiar to the kid so that their mind can recognize the images easily.

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2 – For Age Group 2 to 3

Children who are older than 2 years like to read books that contain a lot of pictures which illustrates a particular story. They use the visuals in the books to understand the written text better and this is a good way to help them learn the basic language skills.

Their book should contain a lot of rhythmic patterns and repetition of words so that they could easily comprehend the story.

3 – Age Group 3 and Above

This is the age where kids start to read books on their own and they will develop their own likes and preferences so you should focus on helping them to read genres that they love.

When you will read to them the stories that generate interest of your kids you will be able to connect with them better and teach them moral lessons and skills that they will require in their future life with the help of the type of books you choose.

Read to them the stories that provoke their thoughts and imaginations, this will increase their creative skills and make them smarter.

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Types of Books That You Can Read to Your Children

1 – Picture Story Books

You should read to your children the books that contain ample amount of pictures that explains the story better. You can use the pictures to point out the meaning of the written text because it will help your kid’s brain to make sense of the story and they will grasp the meaning of the words.

Pictures convey a lot of story-related meanings to kids that can not be accomplished with the use of words alone.

2 – Books with Activities

Read to your kids some books that involve activities to explain the storyline. For example, make them clap their hands when the story involves the activity of hand clapping likewise make them point towards objects and things when you are reading about something that is related to your surrounding.

This not only helps your kid to comprehend the story better but it also makes them interested in the activity.

You can also use peek-a-boo books for this purpose.

3 – Predictable Books

Books that contain repetitive patterns and rhythmic flow are essential for your children, such content helps your kid to anticipate the direction of the story. Reading such books to kids will help them to get a better idea of how sentences and stories are put together.

4 – Poetry Books

Reading books with poems will introduce your kid to playful words that they will love to repeat and it will further help them to learn the language. Poems also kindle the creativity of your kid’s mind and it helps to develop the phonemic awareness.

You can read more about phonemic awareness in our previous post named “How to Help Children to Read“.

5 – Informational Books

Reading nonfictional books that contains information about various things and utilities is equally important. You can use the pictures in such books to illustrate to your kid about whatever the book represents, you can also use real-life examples while reading such books to your kids.

Books that help kids to develop a positive mindset is the most important type of books that you should read to your children because such books implants empowering beliefs in the mind of your children and it boosts up their self-esteem. The success of your kid greatly depends upon the type of mindset you help them to develop with the kind of stories you tell them.

Read to your kids as many books as possible that enhances their creative power and makes them realize their unlimited potential.

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