Signs and Symptoms of Anxiety in Children

In this post, we will be discussing some signs and symptoms of anxiety in children using which you can detect whether your kid is affected by the anxiety issues so that you could work on their problem before it gets bigger.

In our previous post “Dealing with Anxiety in Children“, we have discussed the reason that causes anxiety in children and provided some methods that you can use to deal with this condition in your kid.

It is very important to work on your kid’s emotional problems like anxiety and take them to a counselor or a therapist if needed because this can affect their psychology in a way that they will have a lot of emotional problems in their adulthood, but many times some people confuse the normal anxious behavior of kids with anxiety. That is why here we will be discussing some points using which it will become clear to you whether there is something about your child’s emotional health that you should worry about.

Common Symptoms of Anxiety in Kids

We are going to provide some common symptoms here that can be found in any child who is facing anxiety issues but make sure that a lot of these symptoms are present in your child before you believe that they are having any kind of anxiety disorder because a mild presence of some of this kind of behaviour and emotions in any kid is normal.

Here are some characteristics of a kid who has anxiety issues:-

  • They are afraid of social events and avoid to face people as much as possible. Such kids isolate themselves whenever people come to visit their home.
  • They worry unnecessarily about the future especially by imagining the worst case scenarios and the negative consequences before taking any actions. Kids with anxiety also fear a lot about disasters and accidents, you can hear such kids asking a lot of questions about calamities and life-threatening dangers.
  • These kids are very restless in nature and due to this, they can also become hyperactive.
  • Kids with anxiety can be seen acting weirdly in the presence of other people, this happens due to their fear of being judged.
  • Such kids can be often seen blaming other kids for their problems and they have a tendency to make themselves look like a victim in every bad situation.
  • They may avoid going to school a lot due to their uneasiness to face other kids and people in their school.
  • They find it very difficult to focus on one task due to their restless nature and the fear of doing things incorrectly.
  • Kids with anxiety seek a lot of approval from others which lowers their self-esteem to a great extent.
  • They get easily angry and are highly sensitive, due to this they can be seen to get emotionally disturbed about little things.
  • They cannot adapt to changes and they try their best to keep their routine as much similar as possible.
  • It is hard for a kid with anxiety to handle criticism and hence they can often be seen to be distressed thinking about the opinions other people have about them.

Physical symptoms of anxiety in kids are as follows:-

  • Kids with anxiety shake and sweat a lot whenever they are uncomfortable. This usually happens when they are doing something that causes a lot of nervousness in them like giving a test or participating in a competition.
  • Such kids usually complain about headaches and stomachaches that don’t seem to exist because it is mostly psychological.
  • These kids skip their meals a lot and may refuse to take food properly at the right time.
  • Kids with anxiety have a lot of sleep-related troubles. They either have very less sleep during the night or it is not deep enough to give their mind the proper amount of rest.
  • These kids have a lot of disturbing dreams and nightmares which is caused by their excessive thinking and worrying about the unnecessary things.

So these were some symptoms that can be found in the case of any kid who is facing anxiety related problems. We highly recommend you to try out the program named “Anxiety-Free Children“, where you will find some very effective methods to help your kid if they are having this kind of emotional problems. It is very important to seek the necessary medical help if you believe that your kid’s problem is a lot bigger than something that could be solved at home.

Here’s a video where childhood expert Nanny Robina tells you how to identify anxiety in kids:-


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