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Best Toys for Autistic Kids – Cerebral and Sensory Development Tools

In this post we are going to provide you a list of items and toys that could prove out to be very useful in the mental and sensory development of children, these items can be highly helpful for kids with developmental disorders like Autism.

As we have discussed in our previous post “signs of autism in children“, kids who are affected by ASD do repetitive things like following the spin of fan blades, flapping of hands, making various noises etc. This may pertain to improper sensory development.

Not only the kids with disorders but also others may have over or underdeveloped senses. Hence, we use a sensory integration method which involves three main factors viz. development of tactile, vestibular and proprioceptive senses.

Now we will discuss each of these factors individually. Continue reading

3 Essential Resources for Autistic Children​

In this post, we will be providing information about some resources for autistic kids using which you can help them to develop various skills so that they can function healthily in the society like the other kids.

Our list consists of some selected materials that are very effective for improving the brain function and behavioral characteristics of any kid with a developmental disorder like ASD.

The results you will get with the use of these materials depends on various factors like the severeness of the problem and involvement as well as the dedication of the kid’s guardian or parent. It is obvious that the first point is not in our hands but the latter one totally depends upon our willingness to help the kid.

Since autism is a rare and complicated developmental disorder, we cannot be certain about how these resources will work for any particular kid. We have only created a list based on our research on this subject so we highly recommend you to take appropriate medical assistance where ever you feel it is necessary. Continue reading

How to Raise an Autistic Child – 10 Simple Tips

In this post, we are going to provide some tips on how to raise an Autistic child so that we could make the world a better place for them to live.

Autistic kids are very different from normal kids in a lot of ways which often becomes a challenge to their caretakers. If you are a parent or authority figure of an Autistic kid then there are some very important tips that you must keep in mind while parenting them, those are as follows:-

1 – Fun Learning Activities

What most people fail to understand about autistic children is that more than anything else in the world what actually matters is that one should have a deep connection and bonding with the kid. Continue reading

Children Learning Reading Program Review – Scam or Real?

This is a detailed review of the children learning reading program, by reading this post you will get a clear idea of whether this product is worth your money or if it is just another online scam.

Teaching children how to read is a very difficult task when they are in their early childhood but if you get successful in helping them to be able to read at an early age then it becomes very easy for them to learn further reading related skills and they also become very proficient at it.

What most people don’t know is that reading words and understanding meanings is not alone what contributes to a child’s overall reading skills, there are also other senses involved in this process especially the hearing sense.

One more factor that matters in a child’s reading skill is their interest, it is most important that we should make this activity very fun filled for them so that they could willingly take interest to learn reading. Considering all this, Jim Yang has prepared a program that helps parents to teach their kids how to read. Continue reading

Modified Checklist for Autism in Toddlers (M – CHAT)

In the last post, we discussed a screening tool called CHAT, this is a continuation of that post and here we will be discussing the modified checklist for autism in toddlers (M-CHAT). This screening tool is prepared for babies who fall under the age limit of 16-30 months.

As the name suggests, this screening method is a modified version of the previous one. Using this checklist even the mild symptoms of Autism in children can be detected. This checklist is prepared in a way that any developmental disorder can be identified at its initial stage in any particular kid.

Even though M-CHAT is highly efficient in recognizing the symptoms of autism or any similar disorder, the chances of errors and false interpretations are very high while using this process. Also, this checklist does not confirm or accurately points out the actual issue. Continue reading

Checklist for Autism in Toddlers​ (CHAT) – Identifying Autism in Babies

In our last post on the 2-stage process, we gave a brief introduction on the checklist for Autism in Toddlers, here we are going to give you a detailed information regarding the same.

CHAT is a screening tool which applies to any kid who is close to the 18 month age mark. When you detect the signs of Autism in your kid then you can use this method to accurately analyze the ability of a child to express their need to others using basic language skills by comparing it with the pre-established age wise developmental characteristics.

This process is divided into two parts, one is for the parents or the guardians of the kid whereas the other is concerned about the direct observation of the behavior of the child.

Although we suggest that this screening tool is best used under the guidance of a therapist or any child expert, but unlike in the second stage of the 2-stage process, this one can also be performed at home by acquiring the proper knowledge of it(we will provide links to the books later in this post). Continue reading

How to Diagnose Autism in Children – The 2-Stage Process

We have mentioned the 2-stage process in our earlier post “Autism in Children”, here we will give a detailed explanation on how to diagnose autism in children.

Though it is best advised to take a professional support for diagnosing autism in kids, yet we will provide you the links to some very good books using which you can do this at home.

A therapist or a psychologist can always give an accurate report of the 2-stage process but since this process does not involve anything more than a meticulous examination of the child’s behavior, you can do your homework by acquiring proper knowledge about this disorder.

Autism is usually detected after the age of two or more, but as our previous post on “signs of autism in children” suggests, in some special cases, it can also be identified in babies.

The 2-stage process is something incomplete without a professional support but what we are trying to help you with is the first stage of this whole methodology because, in the first stage, there are only two main requirements i.e observation and knowledge. Continue reading

6 Signs of Autism in Toddlers – Rare Symptoms

We are going to discuss a few signs of autism in toddlers here and this is a continuation of our previous post that talked about the 4 signs of autism in children.

Autism is not a disorder which can be is easily identified at an early age. In fact, the behavior of a baby cannot always give us an accurate idea of whether it is affected by any disorder.

Keeping this in mind we want to clarify that you should not get paranoid or worried after reading these signs since none of these symptoms imply with total certainty that any baby is autistic.

Even though it is not advised to get too serious about the symptoms of ASD that can appear in a baby. Knowing the signs and acquiring proper information can help you to avoid or prepare yourself for any futuristic problem.

Continue reading

10 Signs of Autism in Children – The First Step

In this post, we are going to talk about some signs of autism in children using which one can detect whether their kid is having this particular disorder.

Though as a close person to any kid it would be very difficult to accept that your kid might be a little different from other kids but as an aware person who is concerned about the future of the kid, you must be willing to observe their behavior in order to prepare yourself for proper parenting because development disorders can only be better dealt with when it is detected at an earlier stage.

Development disorders like autism are known to be among the challenges that usually shows its signs before the age of two years. Continue reading

Autism in Children – Definition, Cause, Symptoms and More

In this post we are going to discuss with you about Autism in children, from the meaning of the term “autism” to its causes, symptoms and how to deal with it, we will be talking about it all here.

As we have already talked about the authority figures in the introduction page, whether you are the parent of a kid, their family member or mentor, if you find yourself as an authority figure of any kid then it is your responsibility to be aware and connect with them on a deeper level to understand their behavior as well as mindset.

Autistic kids are unique and they are often known for their certain special skills, but autism is also something which should be diagnosed as well as dealt with intensive care. With this content, we will try our best to help you understand this particular disorder in detail so that you can take better actions if you are concerned about a child who is affected by autism.

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